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International culture with "local flavour"

Essence Düsseldorf - data-driven creativity in the birthplace of cartwheels and synthetic beats

0% churn 

We stick by our people, and 100% of Essentials haven chosen to stick by us in 2019

10 studio albums from Kraftwerk, the most influential band in Music

With the launch of autobahn in 1974, Düsseldorf-based Kraftwerk invented the future of music producing it with machines.

11 languages spoken in the Office

Members of our team can talk to you in German, English, Polish, Spanish, Croatian, Chinese, Persian, Urdu, Ukrainian, French, Italian or Russian. Take your pick!

35 brands of gin stocked in our office bar

Our gin collection is the pride and joy of the office (and puts everything else in the network to shame). Ask MD Christian to mix you a drink.

400 local agencies

There are more than 400 advertising agencies based in Düsseldorf, the home of German marketing, but only one of them is Essence.

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